Bella joins the Newcastle team

We have a new four-legged member of the team in our Newcastle Day Centre!

Bella, a five year old greyhound and her owner Lizzie Cowell are part of Wag & Company North East Friendship Dogs, a new charity that enables visiting dogs and their owners to build meaningful new friendships with older animal lovers.

Bella and Lizzie have been visiting our Newcastle Day Centre each week since August and have proved to be a big hit. Rachel Fox, our Best Practice Specialist Worker, said “The effect that Bella has had is marvellous. Even people who don’t normally join in with activities reach out to stroke Bella. Some found her soothing and for others she brought back happy memories of dogs that they had owned.”

“Bella brings a visible sense of wellbeing to everyone in the centre when she arrives and that positive feeling stays way long after she leaves.”

Diane Morton, director of Wag & Company, said “Bella is a lovely, gentle dog who easily passed our temperament assessment. It’s very touching to see how people respond to her and to all our dogs – very often, dogs are able to reach people in a way that their fellow humans can’t.”

To consider volunteering for Wag & Company, visit their website here.

Bella in the day centreBella in the day centre with Lizzie