Why donate or fundraise for us?

There are an estimated 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK today and a further 670,000 people care for a loved one with dementia. You can help us to support them by fundraising for us.#

"The staff are very good with my relative. They are kind, compassionate and treat them as a person"
Comment from family member. From CQC Inspection Report 2015

Every donation makes a huge difference to the work that we do

We believe that high quality, person-centred care can mean that someone with dementia can continue to live an independent and active life. As the illness progresses, our professional, highly trained carers can support both the person with dementia and their family, through to end-of-life.

As a registered charity, donations, large and small, make a huge difference to the support that we can offer to people with dementia and their families.

They allow us to keep the prices that we charge for our services as low as possible and mean that we can do extra things, such as organise activities and days out.

Donations also mean that we can continue to provide our staff with the best possible training in dementia care and can provide advice to carers around the country and beyond, raising the standards for dementia care generally.

What we do with your donations

Every pound donated is used by us to provide care to people with dementia, in their own homes, in our independent support living houses or in our day centres, or to provide much needed respite for their families and a chance to recharge their batteries.

For every pound and coin

Infographic on finances


Last year we raised over £198,000 in donations and grants.

Infographic on fundraising

GiftAid it!

Under the Gift Aid scheme if you are a taxpayer we are able to reclaim the basic rate income tax on all donations. A donation of £20 translates into £25 for us. Higher rate taxpayers are additionally entitled to claim higher rate relief on their gifts via their tax returns, which would mean the £20 donation would only cost £15.

We can claim Gift Aid automatically if you donate on-line. For off-line donations, we need you to send us a completed Gift Aid form (download pdf here Gift Aid Declaration Form) or use our sponsor form (Sponsorship form 2015).

More information about the Gift Aid scheme is available on the website.

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