Advice and Information

This section gives practical advice and information people living with dementia and those that care for them.

Practical advice and information

We hope that you find the following pages useful and informative. The advice and information is the result of over 20 years' experience at Dementia Care in caring for people with dementia and supporting their families and friends. Where it will be useful, we have included links to other websites.

In addition to this website, over the coming months we will be publishing a range of information sheets and online guides on specific aspects of living with dementia. The first of these will provide advice on making a home dementia-friendly.

There is a lot of information in this section and not all of it will be relevant straightaway. There's a lot to take in, so just keep coming back when you are ready.

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Printable PDFs

We have also produced this advice section in PDF format:

You are more than welcome to download and print copies of these PDFs.

Dementia Guides

For people with dementia living in Newcastle upon Tyne and the surrounding areas, we also provide a free Dementia Guides service. Our experienced Dementia Guides will provide advice and support in person, acting as your single point of contact and guiding you and your family through your dementia journey.

For more information on our Dementia Guides service and how to access it, click here.

Follow the links for advice and information or click on Start:

Is it dementia? >

What are the common types of dementia and what to do if you think you have dementia.

Diagnosed with dementia? >

What to do if you are diagnosed with dementia.

Living well with dementia >

Practical advice and information to help you to live well with dementia.

A family member or friend has been diagnosed with dementia >

Practical advice and information for families and friends.

Useful resources >

Links to other resources that you might find useful.

Making your home dementia-friendly >

Our on-line course with simple hints and tips to make your home more dementia-friendly.

Or start here >

Choose from the following services:

  • Independent Supported Living

    Our unique, small group specialist accommodation in a domestic house – the positive alternative to residential care

  • Home Support

    Helping you to continue to live at home and remain independent

  • Day Centres

    Our specialist centres in Newcastle and Hexham, offering fun and therapeutic activities and a break for carers

  • Residential Respite Care

    A home from home, with expert care in a dementia-specialist respite centre in Newcastle

  • Advice and Information

    Need advice on how to support someone with dementia? We have over 20 years’ expertise and offer free advice for people with dementia and their carers